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"The goal of education should be to activate the child's own natural desire to learn”

Maria Montessori

When making the important decision of who will care for your children, the thoughts and opinions of other parents can be very helpful. Take a look at the testimonials below, and reach out to learn more.

Oscar's Dad

“We are so pleased to have chosen Quintrell Downs Montessori for Oscar. He came on leaps and bounds in confidence and knowledge and was always so happy to go to nursery every morning" December 2020

Evelyn's Mum

"Quintrell Downs Montessori is a wonderful place for children to attend. Evelyn loved it everyday, made friends, had fun and they prepared her so well for joining primary school." June 2020

Sienna's Mum

“Sienna loves her Montessori nursery and we couldn't imagine sending her anywhere else.” February 2021
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